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Real-time Tracking Status

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Real-time Tracking Status

Successful real-time sales benefits from always knowing your inventory on the truck or van. And tracking it over time helps you make the right choices for future product availability. A CipherLab mobile computer helps you track your products and keep up with your customers, both existing and prospective.

CipherLab mobile computers with WLAN and Bluetooth® capabilities put the right tools in your hands from the start of your day to the end. As you scan items and load the truck, the company's Customer Information Management (CIM) system can deliver instructions over the wireless network of what to load and not load for the day's sales. It can even give you suggestions on what might be appealing to customers based on selling trends and other data to help you be ready for opportunistic buyers during the day. With a CipherLab mobile computer and Bluetooth®-enabled printer, you can close sales and print receipts instantly. And whether you use Windows® or a terminal-based infrastructure, CipherLab has a solution to meet your needs.

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