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ASP Microcomputers – ASP have been solving the challenges of improving businesses with the use of technology since 1977. ASP’s experience in designing and deploying fully integrated Auto ID solutions, has placed the company in a unique position to offer cost-effective, scalable, robust and efficient solutions to our many clients. This is achieved by leveraging the latest technological platforms to offer intuitive and simple to use solutions. An example of some of these solutions can be seen here.

ASPluris™ – ASPluris is an innovative product from ASP Microcomputers that adds mobility to ERP and WMS systems using web services and a CipherLab RK25 rugged portable barcode terminals. ASPluris is available as a series of modules including, Dispatch, Pick & Pack, Stock Adjust, Location sequence, Receive, Put Away, Stocktake, Stock Transfer, Consolidation, and Printing to name a few.

zapMYstock™ - zapMYstock is more than an advanced stocktake tool. zapMYstock is able to provide instant information on each of your stock items, by just scanning the item barcode. The description, cost, location, quantity on-hand, and other important data is presented on the screen of the CipherLab hand-held Android terminal. zapMYstock is available for users of MYOB as well as being able to work with a range of databases that can exchange standard CSV text files such as Xero, Zoho and JIWA to name a few. zapMYstock is packaged with a powerful tool which allows you to print barcodes for all your items using a standard laser or inkjet printer, so that when it comes time to do a stocktake, what used to be a slow and labour intensive process will become a cinch.

> Certified products: RK25, RK95, RS35, RS51


A leading integrated 3PL warehouse and transport management system for SMEs, CartonCloud lets businesses do more, with less.

CartonCloud's powerful and intuitive, cloud-based WMS/TMS software enables logistics businesses to boost data and operational accuracy, optimise operations, empower staff, delight customers with enhanced customer service, and scale their business with ease.

CartonCloud links seamlessly with CipherLab scanners and mobile touch computers to scan inventory barcodes, manage sales orders and consignments, and optimise warehouse and transport operations on the go.

> Certified products: RK25, RK95, RS35, RS51

Dexion Systems

DSS is a flexible, fully scalable WMS solution provider for eCommerce, retail, wholesale Distribution Centres.

> Certified products: RK25, RK95, RS35, RS51

LogiQ-On Technology Group Pty Ltd

LogiQ-On Technology has been assisting clients with implementing right technology solution outcomes for all data capture, wireless infrastructure, digital display solutions including associated software platforms for productivity improvement and related requirements.

LogiQ-On Technology solutions and services are structured to assist clients in the areas such as Warehousing, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Retail, Education, Government and Corporate.

Years of industry experience along with valuable partnerships allows LogiQ-On Technology to achieve the right technology solution outcomes for any Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID), Asset Tracking/Management, Wireless infrastructure, Rugged mobile computing, Label printing, Digital display solutions including Interactive panels and many more.

The RIC Group

The RIC Group are supply chain experts and our intelligent software helps customers solve supply chain issues across the globe. Our philosophy is keep the core clean. Our cloud-based architecture ensures our WMS and TMS is highly scalable, improves control and increases efficiency with integrating to your ERP.

We deliver and support solutions. CipherLab hardware is certified with our software ensuring customers have a scalable solution.

> Certified products: RK25, RK95, RS35, RS51


"SATO is a global barcode and RFID technology company that focuses on data collection and label printing solutions.

A pioneer in RFID technology, we specialise in Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics sectors. Our solutions enable businesses to identify, track and manage people, products and assets, empowering workforces and helping customers reduce their environmental impact.

We manufacture an extensive range of easy-to-integrate thermal barcode and RFID printers, hand labelling systems, consumables, software and connectivity solutions so you can rely on us to deliver the right solution for your business needs.

We have manufacturing, sales and R&D operations in over 20 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, and a business presence in over 90 countries round the world."

> Certified products: RK25, RK95, RS35, RS51


WMSSoft started in 2014, backed by investors with many years of experience in manufacturing and distribution organisations. Today, WMSSoft is a leading partner, helping companies build answers to their complex problems and support their growth. WMSSoft is not only accounting and IT knowledgeable, but also business smart. We provide you with a business management solution to improve all possible aspects of your workflow - whether it is ordering, customer management, budgeting, inventory management or manufacturing.

WMSSoft has many years experience implementing ERP’s with particular emphasis on Inventory distribution and manufacturing customers. We started implementing warehouse management systems many years ago before progressing into implementing ERP’s which gave us a broad knowledge of Inventory management and manufacturing practices. We have implemented ERP for bespoke manufacturers as well as larger manufacturers with a blend of Engineered to order and Make to stock.

At WMSSoft, we understand that implementing a new solution can be costly and that business owners want to see real return on investment. Our consultants focus on the outcomes to our customers, not just the products. Our aim is to help build your future and our customers are at the heart of what we do. “Customers first and customers for life”.

> Certified products: RK25, RK95, RS35, RS51