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Company Introducing Warehouse Digitalization Using CipherLab RK25|CipherLab Connection|January 2021

CipherLab Connection|January 2021

Company Introducing Warehouse Digitalization Using CipherLab RK25 cover|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

Company Introducing Warehouse Digitalization Using CipherLab RK25

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  • Company Introducing Warehouse Digitalization Using CipherLab RK25
  • A New Force is Joining the Team!


Company Introducing Warehouse Digitalization Using CipherLab RK25

Company Introducing Warehouse Digitalization Using CipherLab RK25|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

Rooted in Taiwan and recognized as the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, this company that produces a wide array of bikes for every kind of enthusiast, is a complete ecosystem of bikes, gears, and cycling services and has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, the Netherlands, and Hungary.

Having a manufacturing base located in Kunshan, China, this company constructed a factory covering an area of 27,000 square meters producing over 50,000 aluminum bicycles annually. To keep track of its shipments and sales records, the company purchased a number of CipherLab RK25 mobile computers equipped with standard-range reading engines and adequately requested that its agents and distributors use the computers to scan the barcodes when checking the store inventory to avoid channel conflicts. The reason the RK25 was selected over other competitors was because it has the advantage of linking to the application developers, which was the crux of winning the project.

In 2020, another one of the company's manufacturing facilities located in the Dajia District of Taichung, Taiwan started introducing warehouse digitalization into the factory to scale up and meet the standards of being an automatic and intelligent warehouse. Recommended by the Systems Integrator, the company eventually chose CipherLab RK25 mobile computers equipped with middle-range reading engines as the equipment for developing digital transformation. The company had the System Integrator develop the required software based on the specifications of the RK25 mobile computers. Unlike the way the RK25 was being used in the scenario of its distribution channels in China, the RK25 is now utilized to pick up assembly materials when staff members are operating a forklift. The RK25 won out over its competitors because it's equipped with an advanced engine that can read barcodes from a distance of over 4 meters. Furthermore, the RK25 is the most compact and slimmest mobile computer compared to others armed with the same engine.

The RK25 is a rugged mobile computer with speedy, accurate, and durable functionality for diverse operational behaviors in data entry. It combines the design benefits of touch computers and handheld terminals by bringing together big display screens with physical keypads. The RK25 allows users to thrive in environments where a big volume of data collection and entry is needed thanks to its up-to-date features and powerful computing, data capacity, and durability.

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Monthly Highlight

A New Force is Joining the Team!

A New Force is Joining the Team|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

We are extremely excited to have Nassar Hussain on our team, and we'd like to give him our warmest welcome! He will be the new Regional Sales Director in charge of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Nassar Hussain has been leading people, products brand and vision across the EMEA region for the last decade.

He has played a significant role in establishing strategic partnership and building customer relationships to bring industry leading solutions into the market. Nassar has been brought on by CipherLab to strengthen its successful United Kingdom and Ireland operations and help grow the business into the future.

"I feel very privileged and lucky to have joined CipherLab at this crucial time for the UK and Irish industry and business. I have known CipherLab as a partner for many years and I have always been impressed with the quality of hardware CipherLab manufactures in house and the level of service they provide both to their customers and partners. I believe with the products we have to offer we can provide a safe working environment for both business and staff. Companies today require their suppliers to be able to think outside the box and really look at what value they are bringing to the table. CipherLab with its safe hardware and solution offerings and with knowledgeable staff and partners we have backing CipherLab we can help our customers and become the heartbeat of their operations." Nassar said.

With his abundance of experience and well-established connection with the industry, we believe he will be a terrific asset to our company. Together, we will work towards achieving countless new benchmarks. Welcome aboard, Nassar! 

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