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Mobile Inventory Management

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Warehouing- Mobile Inventory Management

When a company's sales depend on the right items making it to the sales floor, word-of-mouth orders and paperwork only create potential for errors. Automated ordering and communications using CipherLab mobile computers, wireless networks, and the company's ordering system reduces paperwork and errors. 

As orders are placed daily or hourly from the sales floor using a CipherLab mobile computer, they can be uploaded to mobile computers in the warehouse. Picking is simplified with clear instructions on items that need to be picked and where they are located. Sales associates and supervisors can quickly retrieve the status of an order right on their mobile computer screen, keeping them instantly informed of goods needed for customers. Whether a company's operations are based on Windows® or a Windows®-free environment, CipherLab has a handheld, mobile computer with the memory and computing power to handle mobile inventory applications effortlessly.

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