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Proof of Delivery

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Proof of Delivery

When you need to know who accepted one of your customer's deliveries, right now, nothing is as satisfying as giving your customer the exact name - especially if it was just minutes ago and the driver is still on the road. With CipherLab mobile computers in your infrastructure, instant information is readily available.

With CipherLab mobile computers and signature capture capability right on the touchscreen, drivers can validate delivery to a person. And, with wireless WAN (GPRS/GSM) wireless WAN built in, a signature and name can be instantly transmitted to the company to update delivery records and make them easily accessible to customer service. If printed receipts are required or labels need to be printed, a CipherLab mobile computer with Bluetooth® and a belt-clip Bluetooth® printer enables instant printing on the spot. Ensure safe, accurate deliveries with a CipherLab mobile computer, wireless WAN, and signature capture capability.

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