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Cross Docking

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Warehousing-Cross Docking

Cross docking can save warehouse space and costs, but only if the goods make it to the right destination on time. A mistake can mean lost sales. CipherLab mobile computers and the company's inventory management system help keep goods on track.

CipherLab wireless LAN-enabled mobile computers work seamlessly with software and a WLAN to transmit scanned data and receive information, putting critical and timely instructions in the hands of the workers to keep the goods moving in the right direction. A CipherLab mobile computer can help reduce the number of times a package is handled. 

Whether a company's operations are based on Windows® or a Windows®-free environment, CipherLab has a handheld, mobile computer with the memory and computing power to handle demanding applications effortlessly. You can also configure our mobile computers with the right laser for reading cartons close up or pallets far away, improving work efficiency. And, whether workers carry the device, or ride with it in a forklift, we have the right accessories to make it a comfortable work companion.

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