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Pickup and Delivery

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Pickup and Delivery

Simplifying pickup and delivery means putting more automated tools in the hands of the driver. Powerful CipherLab mobile computers with wireless WAN (GPRS/GSM) communications or WLAN networks and customized applications on them, accelerate pickup and delivery, eliminate paperwork, and take the guesswork out of the process.

At each delivery stop, scanning the package barcode enables the driver to verify it with the downloaded destination data, ensuring the right package is left behind. To speed pickup and billing, Bluetooth® technology in both the CipherLab mobile computer and a belt-clip printer enables fast, on-the-spot label and receipt printing. With wireless WAN (GPRS/GSM) wireless WAN built in, all critical information gets transmitted to the company's servers before the next stop, triggering the billing process and updating delivery status. Whether a company's operations are built on Windows®, or are Windows®-free, CipherLab mobile computers easily integrate with any environment for seamless, remote pickup and delivery operations.

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