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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

Whether your quality assurance process occurs in the middle of the production line or at the end, tracking of products, lot numbers, inspection results, and more is a critical part of ensuring your products meet expectations and requirements. CipherLab mobile computers with Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN capabilities give the Quality Assurance department ultimate control over their work and responsibilities.

As products enter the QA process, an inspector can quickly identify and record them with a Wireless LAN-enabled mobile computer. CipherLab mobile computers with a built-in RFID interrogator accelerate the reading activity. Records stay instantly up to date. Bluetooth® mobile computers along with a belt-clip Bluetooth® printer allow instant labeling of products to indicate lot number, results, inspector, or other important information. While QA ensures the quality of products, CipherLab mobile computers can help ensure the effectiveness and quality of the process.

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