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Load Management

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Load Management

Whether goods are packed in a 53 foot long trailer or 24 foot delivery truck, loading them in the right order - furthest destination first - saves time along the way. And labeling them helps make sure the right cartons get unloaded at the destination. CipherLab offers several technologies to help get the job done quickly and efficiently.

CipherLab mobile computers with wireless LAN capability communicate with a company's computers to send scanned data and receive instructions for loading. And, with Bluetooth® in the mobile computer and a belt-clip printer, workers can quickly label packages and pallets on the spot to improve unloading accuracy and efficiency.

Whether carried or used in a forklift, CipherLab handgrips and vehicle mounts make it easy to work with the mobile computer all shift long. And, whether operations are based on Windows® graphical interfaces or terminal services, CipherLab mobile computer solutions can easily integrate into any operation.

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