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Shipping docks are full of activity. Workers roll hand trucks and pallet jacks loaded with cartons. Forklifts swiftly move pallets into trucks and containers. Time is of the essence, so moving the right goods to the right places efficiently and accurately is a key factor to success. That's why CipherLab mobile computers and scanners can be seen in the hands of shipping workers. 

Paperwork only slows down the movement of goods. CipherLab wireless LAN-enabled mobile computers, with built-in RFID and laser scanning capabilities, work in concert with the company's WLAN and shipping and receiving management software to eliminate paperwork. This integrated solution guides the movement of products to the right places - containers, trucks, and vans - without stopping to fill out forms and check job sheets. 

Our mobile computers can be configured with a range of lasers to match scanning needs: whether the goods are very close or across the floor. The right laser optimizes a worker's efficiency. An extra-long distance laser means he can scan a pallet without getting out of the forklift. A normal laser enables a worker with a hand truck to read cartons quickly, verifying he's taking the right ones, before rolling them away. And a hand grip keeps the unit comfortable for long shifts. Whatever the need, a CipherLab-based solution will help accelerate work and improve accuracy in shipping.

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