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The CipherLab RS31 Keeps Chain Pharmacy In-store Stocks More Accurate

Retail Solution - The CipherLab RS31 Keeps Chain Pharmacy In-store Stocks More Accurate|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

The CipherLab RS31 Keeps Chain Pharmacy In-store Stocks More Accurate

Pharmacies play an important role in the medical care system, as they are the general public's first contact when it comes to basic medical care. 

Being one of the largest public pharmacy institutions with over 50 pharmacy branches in Slovenia, this local chain pharmacy not only conducts pharmacy activities as a public service to provide care to the local population, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical organizations, but it also supplies both prescription and over-the-counter medicine and offers recommendations for the correct and safe use of all types of medicine. Hence, the inventory of each pharmacy store needs to be more precise and ready to go on the shelves for sale.

As pharmacists are obviously not permitted to work inside their stores with high-tech goggles or bulky head-sets and are more accustomed to working with handheld terminals, the company was seeking a handheld device with a large screen, fast connectivity, and excellent reliability in order to improve overall productivity. Also, the company wanted to replace its current Windows terminals with the Android operating system because of its user-friendliness and easy and quick device deployment in the field.

With the strong support of our local partner, the CipherLab RS31 and its inventory management software easily passed the field test and has been chosen for the new Android device to improve staffs’ productivity and stock checking efficiency. Because its touch-centric user interface is just like any other smartphone, the RS31 series is a user-friendly Android device that allows users to easily operate it without needing to endure a long training period. In addition, the 4.7” display panel of the RS31 allows staff to cross check the accuracy of entered data and quickly respond to customers' needs. Finally, due to its reliable WiFi and 4G/ LTE connections, the RS31 series is able to ensure accurate data transmission and real time communication inside the store without any data loss while doing inventory checks.

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