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Government Solution|A Special Application - CipherLab 2200 Omnidirectional Presentation Scanner is Helping Campus Security in the US

Government Solution - A Special Application - CipherLab 2200 Series is Helping Campus Security in the US|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

A Special Application - CipherLab 2200 Series is Helping Campus Security in the US

CipherLab 2200 series, the barcode scanner, built specifically for the retailing, hospitality and transportation industries with omnidirectional scanning capabilities provide enterprises fast and reliable workflow. Now, you can find CipherLab 2200 series being deployed with a special application in school districts, including public, private and parochial schools throughout the US to protect students and faculty.

Maintaining Campus security is important. Visitors are required to register before gaining access inside a school. Normally, the registration is done manually. Through this process, most of the time the potential threats cannot be identified by school administrators immediately. This mechanism is ineffective, and a more effective solution should be provided to further enhance school safety. Together with the visitor management software, CipherLab 2200 series is being adopted in school districts to help administrators manage visitors. Thanks to 2200's 2D scanning reading capability, school administrators can require all school visitors to present a valid state identification card or driver's license for scanning. Restricted individuals will be identified, and the school administrators and police will be notified immediately by the visitor management system to protect the campus security. Immediate action will then be taken.

CipherLab 2200 series has fast quality scanning with various angles covered. Aside from high-speed scan rates of 1D, PDF417, and 2D scans, it also comes with additional models built with UHF RFID and EAS for users to choose from based on preferences, applications and environments. With the UHF RFID model, users are capable of instantly reading the RFID tags, up to a 20 cm reading range. Additionally, its compact size makes it the best choice for high performance operations with limited space, such as school administrator desk. The omnidirectional scanning capability further makes it convenient for school administrators to execute scans quickly. The durability of the IP52 rating fully protects the scanner from water drops and dust in the open environment such as school administrator’s offices. Also, CipherLab’s ScanMaster, a web-based configuration tool, makes scanner configuration effortless.

Due to the CipherLab 2200's product features and affordability, the 2200 is included with all visitor management software implementations throughout the US.

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