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Warehousing Solution|CipherLab RK25 Rugged Mobile Computer is Helping an Industrial Company Improve its Efficiency

Warehousing Solution - EfficiencyCipherLab RK25 Series is Helping an Industrial Company Improve its Efficiency|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

CipherLab RK25 Series is Helping an Industrial Company Improve its Efficiency

A Tokyo based company which specializes in producing industrial and household products such as plastic films, adhesive tape, heating pads, medical gloves, masks, etc., now deploys the CipherLab RK25 to manage products in its distribution centers across Japan more efficiently.

Previously, workers in the distribution centers needed to do inventory control manually, for example, they had to write down and key-in data and count the total numbers when goods were received or being shipped. It took a lot of time and errors often occurred. This decreased accuracy, productivity and efficiency. To improve and solve this situation, a device with scanning function and keypad was required to help workers improve the situation.

The CipherLab RK25 series blends the functionality of touch computers with handheld terminals. It has two physical keypad options with large and easy-to-use buttons. This design fulfills diverse user behaviors, especially for those who are used to non-visual data entry operations. Also, it provides versatile reader options, such as a linear imager, a 2D imager and a mid-range 2D imager, which satisfies long distance barcode reading needs. Because it's built with 4G capabilities and fast roaming Wi-Fi, data transmission between the RK25 and its backend system is not a problem at all. Also, it has two OS choices: Android 7 and Android 9. The Android 7 is also capable of upgrading to Android 9 which maximizes device investment.

Additionally, it is easy to upgrade the RK25 with RFID function. Just simply attach the RK25 device to the RK25 UHF RFID Reader whenever RFID is needed. It can capture RFID tags at a distance of over 8 meters, and delivers a read rate of 700+ tag/sec. To know more about the RK25, please visit our website.

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