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Field Mobility Solution|Integrating with CipherLab Rugged Touch Mobile Computers Develop Business Solutions for Agricultural Sector

Field Mobility Solution - Integrating with CipherLab Devices Develops Business Solutions for Agricultural Sector|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

Integrating with CipherLab Devices Develop Business Solutions for Agricultural Sector

CipherLab is pleased to support one of our independent software vendors, 2nd Sight, to build systems that improve efficiency in specialty crop and commercial nursery operations in the US, Canada, Europe, and many other regions. 2nd Sight is an agricultural technology company in Spokane, Washington that engineers better solutions for the Ag Industry with a focus on improving current Agtech and practices related to farm labor tracking hardware and software and harvest scale systems.

Expertized in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries, CipherLab has been continually working with 2nd Sight since 2014 to increase workflow efficiency, decrease labor demands, and cut costs in the agricultural sector. Because of our long-term trustworthy partnership, 2nd Sight has chosen many of our industrial mobile computer devices ranging from RS30 and RS31 to RS50 and RS51 in order to develop innovative hardware and software packages that improve data acquisition by increasing accuracy, decreasing labor requirements, and providing detailed records for better decision-making. A suite of Android apps run on CipherLab, and its rugged and durable devices have become a requirement in the harsh farm environment. 2nd Sight systems utilize the built-in NFC reader as well as the barcode scanner on their devices to track the working time of farmworkers. The software and handheld devices integrate with other 2nd Sight components including thermal Bluetooth printers to print employee receipts, external RFID readers to improve workflow, and field scales to pay pickers by weight. Whether the farmworkers are paid per piece, by container, or by weight, 2nd Sight has an app to track the job. All apps communicate with an online web portal where users can manage data and reports.

2nd Sight has developed a simple and intuitive software for CipherLab's rugged and user-oriented devices to provide powerful data solutions with a mission to maximize productivity and efficiency in the specialty crop industry while minimizing costs and relieving the stress of growers.

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