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Polish Petrol Retailer Uses CipherLab's RK25 for Inventory in Petrol Station Convenience Store

CipherLab RK25 Rugged Mobile Computer in Petrol Station Industry|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

Retail Solution | CipherLab RK25 Rugged Mobile Computer in Petrol Station Industry

As a leading player in the fuel and energy markets, this company operates in a total of six home markets including Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Canada.

The company owns an integrated infrastructure capable of processing no less than 35 million tons of various crude oil types per year and marketing to over 2800 service stations where there are also brand-owned convenience stores that customers can conveniently purchase goods in while refueling their vehicle.

In order to manage inventory in its stores, the company needed mobile computers integrated with the POS system and software. Before choosing the CipherLab RK25 mobile computer, the stores used CipherLab's 8300 light industrial mobile computer to operate inventory check, and the users were quite satisfied with the device. However, in order to restock goods in a shorter amount of time, the users were looking for a new mobile computer with integrated functions and were introduced to the CipherLab RK25, a mobile computer with numeric keypads and a 4" multi-touch panel. The company eventually chose the RK25 combining it with the CipherLab in-house SM2 engine with cradle to manage the inventory in the convenience stores and to recognize what goods should be restocked. The reason they chose this CipherLab product was that the company was not only impressed by the RK25 but also because it received a total solution package including a POS system, an ERP system, and software from our trusted partner.

The RK25 combines the design benefits of touch computers and handheld terminals by bringing together big display screens with physical keypads, and it allows users to thrive in environments where a large volume of data collection and entry is needed. Its powerful Wi-Fi transmission of dual-bands with fast roaming and 4G/LTE allow smooth operation in data-intensive environments both indoors and out.

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