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Retail Solution|Efficiently Manage Various Merchandise In A Mega Market With CipherLab's Practical Solution

Retail Solution-Efficiently Manage Various Merchandise In A Mega Market With CipherLab's Practical Solution

Retail Solution | CipherLab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer In Home Solution Hypermarket Industry

Set in an enormous hanger and located in Thailand, this warehouse-like supermarket amazes customers with its sprawling racks on which every product you could imagine is stacked-high. This supermarket offers an astonishing range of products ranging from clothing, food, cosmetics, and furniture to mobile phones, construction materials, car and motorcycle accessories, and much more.

The fun aspect of shopping at this market is that the items are placed in an unpredictable sequence thus incongruous items can be found at every corner. To efficiently manage the thousands of items, a reliable mobile computer and an integrated solution are imperative for stores and warehouses.

The handheld computer that the supermarket formerly used was without MDM, which caused very low efficiency for IT staff to manage the devices. After strictly comparing and testing carefully for some time, the CipherLab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer was eventually the first choice that meets their demands.

To solve the difficulties the supermarket has suffered, CipherLab proposed an integrated solution – the RS35 is equipped with a high-performance scan engine supported by CipherLab's software EnDeCloud, which is a deployment tool to efficiently manage configurations. Currently, the in-store data transmission of the supermarket relied on web-based Chrome using a WiFi intranet connecting to the self-developed WMS system. The RS35 enables a reliable WiFi connection, in addition to the best-fit screen size and the most rugged design among all other considered competitors. CipherLab also provided a cost-effective intranet solution to deploy and manage devices including a remote desktop function to assist IT remotely when troubleshooting.

All things considered, the device users in the stores are not only satisfied with the RS35's enterprise features, but also impressed with the in-time local service CipherLab provides. The RS35 can now be seen during their daily operations like price checking, stock checking, and item location control in the stores, and picking and inbound and outbound checking in its warehouses.

📂 Download pdf: Accelerating Warehouse Processes in Home Solution Hypermarkets Utilizing CipherLab's RS35 Mobile Computer