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Warehousing Solution|Accelerating Warehouse Processes In Home Solution Hypermarkets Utilizing CipherLab's RS35 Mobile Computer

Warehousing Solution-CipherLab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer In Home Solution Hypermarket Industry|Australia CipherLab world leader in AIDC solutions

Warehousing Solution | CipherLab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer In Home Solution Hypermarket Industry

Operating 95 hypermarkets and 13 warehouses nationwide in Thailand, the company is one of the leaders in the retail business of construction materials and house decoration products. It provides home solutions including not only a huge selection of items for home building, renovation, furnishing, gardening, electrical, and DIY projects, but also a one-stop shopping service in order to attain customer satisfaction.

Despite having been a famous choice for local customers when the idea of a home renovation comes to mind, the company is dedicated to offering more products and services through omnichannel and expanding to more locations to provide customers even more convenience.

Targeted at precision, accuracy, and speed in their warehouses, the company uses the Automated Storage and Retrieval System to increase the precision of warehouse management and reduce the lead time to deliver products to customers. Recently, this company has replaced the discontinued handheld terminals from another brand with CipherLab RS35 mobile computers equipped with a laser engine assisted by Manhattan, the warehouse management software, and Airwatch, the MDM that is already being used in the company, to help deploy, secure, and manage applications and data, and to manage thousands of various items in their warehouses. Considering service and integrity, the Company decided to choose the RS35 instead of continuing to use devices from the manufacturer they originally dealt with. Furthermore, the performance of the RS35's scan engine is far superior to the model the company was used to using, which impressed the IT administrators during pilot testing and has significantly improved data accessibility in day-to-day operations.

Moreover, mobilizing receiving and putaway provides immediate inventory visibility and shipping confirmation. With the 5.5" large touch screen of the RS35, operators in warehouses can clearly see the information that is relevant to them. Employees utilizing the RS35 are also worry-free when encountering accidental drops as the RS35 is resistant to 1.5-meter (5ft.) multiple drops on the concrete and can endure drop of 1.8 meters (6ft.) when using a rubber boot. The AER-certified RS35 is a rugged mobile computer in a compact and consumer-like style featuring enterprise-class features and providing reliable Wi-Fi connection, supporting fast roaming in warehouses, which helps operators drive efficiency and accuracy.

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